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On October 12, the Town of Bracebridge appointed Mayor and 6 members of Council voted against your interests and in favour of the Muskoka Mega Quarry. We can stop this reckless development.

We are planning an Ontario Land Tribunal appeal and need your help. Please contribute to our legal fund and let’s fight to protect the Muskoka we know and love.

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We’ve had a great response from the petition. We now know that the residents of Muskoka don’t feel heard in dealing with the Town.

Please share your comments and upload any documents that you think can help us help you. Anonymous submission are welcomed.

This is the line up of trucks on Hwy 11 going into Rosewarne Pit to load up. You can expect the same on Bonnie Lake Road and Muskoka Road 117.

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The Proposed Muskoka Mega Quarry Site

The quarry site and expansion is massive and will generate up to 254 truck trips per day on Muskoka roads. The Mega Quarry is beside the North branch of the Muskoka River and Sage Creek. The source of Sage Creek is Sage Lake in the Township of Lake of Bays. The creek meanders more than ten kilometers from east to west, collecting water from more than two thousand hectares of wetlands and small lakes along the way.

Muskoka residents haven’t been adequately consulted on this rezoning proposal. How could residents attend a statutory public meeting December 2, 2020 about the rezoning application during the COVID-19 lockdown? We should all be concerned.

Why you should be concerned

  1. This MEGA QUARRY borders the North branch of the Muskoka river and Sage Creek, upstream from the town of Bracebridge drinking water source. Blasting will occur weekly within approximately 290m of the Muskoka river, and within 95m of Sage Creek. A license for water extraction has been issued to take up to 2.9 million litres of water a day from the Muskoka River to wash aggregates.
  2. This MEGA QUARRY license will allow for 2 million tonnes of extraction. Historical extraction has not exceeded 210,000 tonnes per year. Truck volume may increase from 28 to 254 truck trips per day during peak season. That’s one way, not a round trip!
  3. The current licensed boundary is 234 hectares. The re-zoning and Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) application proposes to increase the licensed boundary by 163.1 hectares, bringing the total area licensed for extraction to 397.1 hectares.
  4. This MEGA QUARRY can now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Muskoka residents have not been adequately consulted on this rezoning proposal. The public meeting was held December 2, 2020 during COVID-19 lockdown.
  6. Bracebridge council knows Bonnie Lake Road is an issue now. Residents have expressed concern with current truck volumes, safety and road conditions.
  7. Council will be voting on this proposal 12 days before the Bracebridge municipal elections on October 24th. This lame duck Council should not be making decisions that affect the resident of Muskoka for the next 100 years!

What People are Saying

“Just days before a Municipal election (October 24, 2022), the Bracebridge Town Council appears to be set to approve an environmental disaster, that we’ll have to live with for decades. Council should not feel corporate pressure, but rather press pause until at least a new Council is in place to take a fresh look at this Mega Quarry expansion.

As someone who for over 30 years has enjoyed Muskoka for its natural beauty, serenity, and healthy outdoor activities such as golfing and water sports, I’m appalled to see corporate interests outside of Muskoka having so much influence on the future of Muskoka. Why does Council not care about preserving the natural beauty of Muskoka, the peaceful ambiance and its water quality? 

From every perspective, it is easy to see how the bottom line profits of Fowler’s owner, Capital Paving of Southern Ontario, are driving this expansion, not the interests of residents and the vast numbers of seasonal visitors and residents. My understanding is that the gravel will flow to Southern Ontario and GTA growth. Even more disappointing is how the Bracebridge Planning Department seems to be supportive of the prospect of environmental damage, or at the very least recommending support so that MNR can deal with it.  

Many experts say that expanding a quarry into a Mega Quarry has far reaching negative consequences for decades on water safety, wetlands and noise pollution from blasting and gravel trucking. Imagine the consequences of quarry runoff into the drinking water of Bracebridge and the rest of Muskoka – experts say that quarry runoffs are a very real risk. Having viewed recent Planning department discussions online, it doesn’t appear that potentially devastating environmental impacts are of any real concern to this Council. Anyone interested can see the archived webcasts – the questions by Councillors of the Planning department have been half-hearted attempts to ask questions that showed some interest but had no real investigative depth. One Councillor who missed the Oct.5 Planning Departments meeting previously expressed strong views about citizen’s road safety and the environment but then promptly backed off and voted for it anyway on Sept.30. It has very much felt like political theatre, not a Council that places its residents as their highest priority. A very possible reason for lack of energy in their questions and challenges could be that Council meetings are held at the end of the day, and Council members have already put in a full day, and so might not be inclined to forcefully express their concerns during late evening meetings? 

Regarding the whole process to get fullsome feedback to this rezoning application, choosing to just “check the boxes” with a paltry 400ft statutory notification zone, and running required public meeting in the middle of Covid lockdowns which resulted in virtually no consultation and feedback, the Town’s Planning Department appears to have had less than sincere intent to give full-time and seasonal residents an actual voice in this matter. Sending a notice to a handful of nearby residences can’t possibly represent the views of all Muskoka residents downstream of the waters impacted by this proposed Mega Quarry. And although the reports paid for by the Applicant (Capital Paving / Fowler) were reviewed, since Muskoka residents and seasonal residents had no real opportunity to voice concerns, in my opinion no reasonable person would view this process in its entirety as reasonable and legitimate due process.

Finally, given the potential devastating environmental impacts for the next 20-30 years, it certainly seems reasonable that a Council with only days left in its mandate defer this to the next Council so that a sincere and legitimate review process can be completed.

I urge the Bracebridge Town Council to prioritize the Muskoka heritage and its legacy of magestic beauty, and to prioritize the health and safety concerns of their constituents over the priorities of Southern Ontario expansion and corporate bottom lines.”

Alan Wunsche

The negative impact this quarrie would have on the environment and community safety is immense. Noise pollution and increased truck traffic so close to residential areas is completely unacceptable!”

Elizabeth Prosser

We need more public consultation on this rezoning to ensure wetlands environmental protection, to maintain the neighbourhood character, and to secure transport compliant roads”

Katherine Ristic

I have lived in Muskoka and don’t want this beautiful place destroyed because of the greed of Mr Ford friends that he is paying back.”

Debbie McIIwee

I already live on a Muskoka District Road which has quarry traffic travelling at dangerous speeds and producing unacceptable noise levels to the surrounding neighbours. I also am concerned that a big reason for this request for expansion is related to the two sprawl highways Doug Ford’s government is pushing through in southern Ontario, the 413 and the Bradford Bypass”

Sue McKenzie

I live near a quarry and the dust particles carried on the slightest breeze permeate the atmosphere. We can which tell direction the is blowing by the thickness of the layer of particles on our cars. Surrounding vegetation and wildlife suffer from these particles that accumulate on their leaves, lungs and airways. A huge buffer zone is required for their protection. Quarry trucks add to the problem. At dusk, the low angle of the sunlight illuminates the clouds of floating particles that hover for hours over roadways before they fall on to the surrounding land or are carried to nearby landscapes by the wind. This kind of destructive land use creates serious health problems and should be restricted in order to protect people and the environment.“

Patrick Rowan

I live on 117/Bonnie lake road and there is to much going on already this would just make things worse“

Jesika Merchant

The stench of diesel fuel and burnt brake lining permeates the air now….10x more trucking will make the area uninhabitable“

Andrew Pratt

I leave right near this and the noise pollution would incredibly affect my life. Noise carries down the river to an incredible extent. There are too many residences near this area. We need to preserve these buffers of nature.”

Mary Heubi

I live on bonnie lake road. I can hear the machinery running at the quarry from my property all week. I can hear blasting at times even during school bus times in the afternoon, I was told that opp were setting of explosives but all day .!! We do not need the extra road traffic some trucks are well above the speed limit,texting and overcentre on the curves and damage to our road is a factor as well. Let look at the whole picture not just the ones that profit from it.“

John Montgomery

Short term rentals in the area will suffer. My entire lively hood revolves on short term rentals in this area.“

Idan Silelnikov

This only contributes to climate change, loss of wildlife and pollution to the water table. STOP IT“

Linda Brown

That area is already a dangerous area traffic wise. Been a very bad accident one time caused the road to be closed for the whole day. Seriously a stupid idea to put mega quarry there. The government officials should need their heads examined allowing such a thing. But that said shows how crappy council is and mayor and anyone involved in it.”

Josephine McClelland

We have to protect environment“

Marie Mccoll

I live along the Muskoka river north branch and I have concerns about what the quarry will do to the watershed area“

Sarah MacBeth

I am signing this today for those who don’t yet see the writing on the wall 隣..!!!”

Maurica McGinnis

I am signing because communities have a right to environmental protections from mega projects like the Muskoka Quarry.“

Betty Anne Huget

Long-term ecological thriving and community harmony is more important than short-term financial gain.“

Bryan Hardy

High density development in Muskoka interferes with the character of the district.“

William Allen

The provincial government has absolutely no idea of the harm they are doing to the environment“

Pina Knoop

Because I live right off Bonnie Lake Rd and it will effect my property value“

Judith Sastre

We don’t need anymore development. Let’s work together to preserve the incredible, natural beauty that draws so many people to Muskoka.“

Kim Gauweiler

We moved to this beautiful rural area for the lovely views, quiet community and quality living. Our new community is wonderful but the presence of the proposed MEGA QUARRY will destroy the entire area. There are already so many large loud trucks that we are concerned for our children and those in the area. An increase in this traffic will cause much disruption and discord on Bonnie Lake road. Enjoying a round of golf, walking to see neighbours, kids waiting for the bus and nature, will all be changed forever. This can not happen to this beautiful area.”

Adam Musson

I am vehemently opposed to this expansion of the quarry. The lack of care for the environment, natural heritage and quality of life in the Muskokas with these kind of projects is threatening what makes Muskoka such a special place. Destroying the environment and quality of life will also have huge repercussions on the tourist driven economy. ”

Laura Morton

Thank~you for your HEROIC wisdom, action and integrity to protect and provide for the WELL~BEING of ALL People, Animals, OUR VITAL Environment and Ecosystems; NOW and in OUR Future.”

Willow Auswald

The Muskoka Mega Quarry will have a huge impact on the health and safety of Muskoka residents. Severely degraded air and water quality, diesel fumes and soot and silica dust in the air and on the ground, dangerous traffic with up to 600 monster truck trips through Bracebridge. The current site filters water going into the Muskoka River. Now contaminants will be added from the operation and associated transport, threatening the water supply. of Bracebridge. It’s an outrageous proposal. Why is Town Council allowing this?”

Mike Opara

Omg! I can not believe they are doing this!”

Lee Deschamps

It is dangerous to walk on this road now. Too many dump trucks now.”

Dave Goodfellow

I am signing this because the expansion will drastically affect our family’s quality of life and wellbeing on a daily basis as it will virtually reach to our residence separated only by the Muskoka River. We selected our property because of its serenity, privacy and beauty to enjoy through our retirement years. The MEGA Quarry will most certainly totally destroy the quality our retirement.”

Elizabeth Matthews


The most dangerous Mayor in Muskoka

Those of you who thought Graydon Smith was bad should tighten your seatbelts because things are about to take a sharp turn for the worse. 

Smooth talking charmer Rick Maloney has just be appointed Mayor of Bracebridge. 

Don’t he fooled. With his close friend Graydon Smith now in the Doug Ford cabinet to provide backup,  Rick is about to push the gas pedal  to the floor on turning Bracebridge into a developers paradise.  As though it isn’t already.  The two have been best buddies for years, travelling the AMO circuit and subbing  for each other when the messy work needed doing.

It’s all planned out. Residents on the east side of Town are fighting a Fowler Mega  Quarry which is being green lighted  by Maloney.

The excuse Maloney makes is that the MNR will  look after things.  He forgets to mention his pal Smith is in charge and yes SMITH WILL LOOK AFTER THINGS. The way he and Rick looked after Muskoka Royale.  Big money talks in Muskoka. 

Maloney is rumoured to be  serving only one term if elected Mayor.  Accountable to no one , Maloney can push the rumoured Super Growth plan in next years review of the town plan.  Just the one development project making the rounds should scare the daylights out of cottagers on the west side of town. 

Except for a few who fought the Royale school they are a  naive group of rich establishment  folks from Toronto who think Bay Street deal making and hot shot lawyers from down south will save their day.   Too many cocktails I  say. 

Folks you have your work cut out. But Ricks such a nice guy and he provides the popcorn and promises free.        

TJ Tapper

Shame on Town Council for allowing a megapit within a residential area. Shame on Council for ignoring their own bylaws of noise pollution. This type of development within a residential area needs to stop now. Allowing operations of a pit 24 /7 ignores their own by-law. Public safety on the residential road needs to be high priority and one of the compelling reasons to stop this pit from expanding. Blasting and contaminating residential water supply is another high priority factor to stop the Maga pit.

Brian Tucci

That area is already a dangerous area traffic wise. Been a very bad accident one time caused the road to be closed for the whole day. Seriously a stupid idea to put mega quarry there. The government officials should need their heads examined allowing such a thing. But that said shows how crappy council is and mayor and anyone involved in it.”

Josephine McClelland

Watch what the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition has to say about the effects of this unregulated industry.